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The lie

PoetryDeji DipeoluComment

The lie they tell you is that you can't
... if only you knew the truth
The truth that is there is nothing
That you can't
The lie they tell you is that you're nothing
That you're noone, or that you're not enough
Not man enough, not woman enough
Not human enough
The truth they hide is that you're more than a conqueror
That you were fearfully created
And that the world is not enough
The truth is, the world is yours
The lie they tell you is that the gates are locked, the doors are closed

The chains are too strong and you'll never break free
And that you will never be liberated
The lie they tell you is that there is no hope
You're too dark skinned, or too dark eyed
Or too light haired
The lie they tell you is that it's too late
Too many wrinkles, grey hairs
And your eyes are too dim

But the problem is not the lies they tell you
The problem is the lies you believe
What do you believe?

Do you believe that all you are is all you can be

Do you believe your peak is anywhere but ahead of you?

Do you believe you can be greater than your wildest imaginations of greatness?

Or do you believe the lie?