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Writing again...

Deji DipeoluComment



I see color

I see black and brown and yellow and white  

I see eyes the color of hazelnuts or the deep black of the night sky, resplendent with the twinkling of stars,  clear ocean green waters and deep blue lakes

I see intricate kinks in hair, the silk velvet curls, straight, jet black, bourbon, copper and gold

And I see lips

Full, thin, pouty, mouthy

 I look deeper..

I see blood red running through

Heart, lungs, marrow in perfect sync

Muscles that strain the same at labour

Hands that clench the same in rage and give the same in love

I look deeper still...

And I see strength, and character  

I see hopes, dreams, struggle, purpose, different; each one

I see roads traveled, roads untraveled 

Bridges built and burned  

I see a past filled with pain, a future equal parts promise and despair  

And I hear you ask from your soul's depth

"who am I? " 

And as I listen, I hear the universe whisper



PS. I have made a few edits to this from it's original form. On reading it just now, it felt incomplete, and probably still is to be honest.