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there's a time to cry

Deji DipeoluComment

Tears run down my cheeks
Body heaves in submission
To emotion
Soft sobs escape my lips
Interrupted by ear-shattering screams
In random intervals
No warning
Blow my nose, tissue box near empty now
But I make no attempt to stem the tears
No endeavour to quiet the screams
I wail, in total surrender
I cry, with utter abandon
I cry till there are no more tears
And then I cry some more
Not because I'm sad, or unhappy
Not because I have lost, or suffered defeat
Not because I am ashamed, or embarrassed
Hurt, or in pain
And these are definitely not tears of joy

Are tears of openness
Tears of release, of sincerity
I reclaim my innocence by
The melting of icicles formed around my heart
Over the decades of my human existence
And the purging of that poison
Begins with one tear shed
And then another, and, yet another
The tears come rapidly now
Free-flowing, cleansing, purging
And by the virtue of these salty tears
I am made free
Free in a manner, of which men are unaccustomed
Free of the shackles of machismo, of my gender defined composure
My heart made lighter with each tear that falls
Shedding burdens as teardrops
I...blubber and sigh
Cry till I am made strong
Cry till I am made whole
Cry...till I am free
When was the last time you had a good cry?