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Deji DipeoluComment

I look into your eyes and I see
I see oceans and waterfalls
I see creation
I see the heavens formations and the earth's foundations
I see the sun rise in the West
The sunset in the East
Because you turn my world upside down

I take your hand and the physical chemistry of our connection
Alters my biology
Sending jolts of emotion thru my fingertips
Coursing thru my veins
Setting my eyes alight with the fire of you
Jump starting my heart
Science would call u "Electrifying"

When I take u in my arms
This is gunna sound cliche but...
Its just me and you
Nothing else exists, no one else, matters
My world is you, consumed by you
Like I was fashioned out of your rib
Totally and completely, yours

And when we kiss...
Sparks fly like its the 4th of July
Bands play entire symphonies in celebation of us
Volcanoes erupt and the world stops spinning
And in that one instant...
My every dream comes true