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Deji DipeoluComment

She sees herself broken, a project under repair
Wounded, she would retreat, lick her wounds
So she withdraws but I'm drawn with her
Drawn to her
Because I see her
And I find beauty in her cracks
Wonder in her blemishes
Every flaw flawless
But she sees herself broken
And believes herself unfit
She sees her vulnerability
I see her strength
I see her unfiltered
Raw, resplendent
She looks in the mirror, trying to see
Her future beyond her past
If only I could lend her my eyes
Then she would see what I see
She would see her now
And she would see every bruise is a lesson learned
Every scrape has shaped her
Every blow another stroke
Part of the design of the excellent tapestry of her essence
She sees herself broken
But I see her... I see her