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about a nubian queen

Deji DipeoluComment

Godess, deep, dark chocolate being
Let me tell you about this Nubian Queen
Sweetness, rich, smooth like Godiva
Adam would give his whole left side to get beside her
she is desire personified
damned if I dont tell you about her smile
drive a grown man wild
wrapped up in lips incredible, almost edible man, style
so sweet you could almost eat...lips ample
like supple pillows to rest my lips on
her vibe is mellow
casually i approach her
naturally putting me on an unnatural high
how do i survive the temptation, the fascination
the infatuation with this ebony vixen
would you please listen as i tell you about this Nubian Queen
have you ever seen a beauty so pure, so sure in her confidence
making me sweat from the fire of desire
making me ache for the pain of summer rain
making me lick my lips as i tell you about this Nubian Queen