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Deji DipeoluComment


So u want me to touch you
Take your hand, caress you
So you want me to hold you close,
Give you a dose
A taste of that thing you need

So you want me to kiss you
Lay you down and undress you
Make it clear its just me and you
And the things we do
Your desire's the fire I'll feed

So you want me to tease you
Things I'll do just to please you
From your lips to between your legs
Till you start to beg
Me to take you to your wildest dreams

So you want to enjoy it
There's many tricks in my employment
Don't even have to say my name
I'm just glad you came
I'll keep going till I hear you scream

So you want to be loved
So you want me to sweep you off your feet
So you want me to fuss and pine
And wine and dine
And treat you like you are my queen

I'll do all that romance stuff
Take you out, even dance, just
Keep in mind at the end of the night
When the mood is right
Me and you, we're gonna make a scene

So you want to be loved...