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What writers do

Deji DipeoluComment

We write words that are meant to mean things that we hope will reach a deep place within our audience
Words that we hope put together form key phrases to unlock something
A door, an emotion, a revelation
Or a bra strap… 
Words that ignite a fire, a desire set aflame
Words that push and pull and twist and turn
Bending our reception to the whimsy of our penmanship
Crafting movements in ink, 
Passion on a felt tip
Adrenaline on a ball point
We create journeys, from inception to implementation
To termination
We create love and lust
Hate and murder, we inspire revolution
Paint a history of our own choosing
We have discovered the true power of the pen
The swords ultimate superior
Unearthed the treasure that is words put together to create a moment
A story, adventure, quest, a life
We birth and kill at will
And our pathos is praised
We are the ultimate conmen
The celebrated psychopaths
Kings of men, commanding armies at the flick of a wrist
Building empires with a paragraph
Tearing them down with a word. 
We are writers, we write words.