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Give me pause

Deji DipeoluComment

Hesitation, an almost mortal infringement, the eighth deadly sin, so to speak; amidst the hustle, disrupting the orderly bustle of big city life. Londoners, both native and adopted wear disdain for those who pause; like a badge of honor, a certificate of their status, a reward of exclusivity for those who have made it here and stayed. Those of us who have found a way to legitimately call London “home”.

I, myself have been guilty of many a sideways glance and/or exasperated sigh, sometimes even throwing the odd eye-roll in the direction of the confused tourist, overwhelmed shopper, preoccupied student who made the grave error of waiting to get to the barriers before patting down his pockets to retrieve his travel pass.

We hurriedly navigate a path around the mildly irritating obstacle and carry on with our days, and largely on autopilot, we never take a moment to stop and think . To ruminate on the direction we ourselves are headed, and for what purpose.

It may be time to hit pause